Welcome to The Vintage Amp Guide. I have been playing with tube amps as a hobby for many years and have always been a big fan of Fender amps. Fender is/was very prolific and produced amps to fit almost any playing situation, but unfortunately this sometimes makes finding the right one for your purposes a bit complicated. Making maters worse, many music shops misrepresent or simply don't know what they are selling when it comes to "vintage" Fenders.

The original field guide was nothing more than notes scrawled on 3" x 5" cards used when shopping for a new amp. Later, when reading posts in the many music and instrument forums on the 'net, I noticed lots of "what's the best amp for..." and "what year is my amp" questions so the 3" x 5" cards would be a handy-dandy reference. These charts were so useful, the original Ampwares website was created and was online for 10 years.

With the expiration of the Ampwares website, and the continued need for the valuable resources listed here, I decided to revise and rehost the Field Guide. I hope you find this information helpful as well.

Note: The information given here is to the best of my ability and experience. There may be inaccuracies or omissions in some of the charts so if you spot an error, or can fill in a blank, please feel free to let me know.  Thanks!

Vintage Amp Guide - Corrections/Comments

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